Sacubitril/Linagliptin/Pimobendan Sitagliptin/Montelukast/Lacosamide/Apixaban/Dabigatran/Rivaroxaban/Atorvastatin/Rosuvastatin/Levetiracetam/Carbidopa/Ticagrelor/Duloxetine/LUNA Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

LUNA Company

Active pharmaceutical ingredients Sales of products are limited to those allowed by Chapter VII PLPRC 63, the above includes Research and development quantities.

About us

皇冠足彩APPLUNA Chemicals Co.,Ltd. markets and manufactures world-class quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and intermediate chemicals for generic pharmaceutical companies. Our Development Team focus strategically on the core therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, anti-depressant, allergic, healthcare and plant extraction. We provide technical support and efficient regulatory documentation for manufacturers, intellectual property(IP) was always carefully considered as well. We also provide excellent outsourcing services to customers and laboratory support.

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